Street life on the main road in the Taliban-controlled village of Qala Amir, Tangi Valley, Wardak province. The Tangi Valley and it’s numerous villages, including Qala Amir, pictured, in Sayedabad district, Wardak province, has been under the control of the Taliban for several years following the withdrawal of American forces who occupied a small base just outside Qala Amir and is, since American forces curtailed their use of air power and special forces raids as agreed in the February 29 Doha Agreement with the Taliban, as much at peace as it has been probably since the insurgency began in the mid-2000s. The Tangi Valley saw extremely heavy fighting in the years that control was contested, but, once the U.S. withdrew from Tangi in 2014 and Afghan government forces were unable to hold it the only way it could be threatened was through night raids and air strikes, which occurred especially regularly in 2018 and 2019 as the Americans attempted to pressure the Taliban at the negotiating table. Wardak province, which neighbours Kabul to the southwest, has been a particularly violent province since then. Now, the majority of the province is under the control of the Taliban, with the government holding on to the capital, Maidan Shahr, some district centres and nominally, Highway 1 which passes lengthways through the province between Kabul and Ghazni province.

Lo’lilarning pasporti bormi? Baronlar – kimlar? Lo’li erkaklarni ayollar boqishi, qizlarni 13-14 yoshligidanoq erga berishlari rostmi?